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A desperado on my trail

Today I woke up to find out that my post on Monday about Red Dead Redemption had prompted a few reactions – luckily most of them were positive. It also caused the above notification to land in my inbox (RDR … Continue reading

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The Moneyshot: Red Dead Redemption

This summer has been proper shit; rain has lashed down, clouds have blotted out the sun and the mercury has barely nudged above 15 degrees for the most part. So if you want a decent sumer in England this year, … Continue reading

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And another thing: A theory as to why Enslaved flopped

I’ve been buried up to my neck this week in CODBLOPS and Kinect, so I missed a couple of pieces (one in the Guardian and one in Play) in which people bemoaned the fact that Enslaved: Odyssey To The West … Continue reading

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Shiny stuff: Red Dead Redemption Commemorative Candle

Now this is one of the more novel items I have been sent while making a living (ha ha!) and a video games journalist.

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