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Competing with the Soccer Moms

You read a lot in the mainstream press about video game addiction. I don’t know if my relationship with PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz actually constitutes addiction, but I do know that, in the interests of me doing any work and earning … Continue reading

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Things you might not know about PopCap

I was in Seattle this week to talk to PopCap about their sale to EA for <DrEvil> 750 million dollars!</DrEvil>. I found out the reasons why everyone’s favourite casual gaming company joined up with a monolthic mega corp…

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PVZ takes over my life – yet again!!

Well here’s a surprise; turns out the best gaming news of the week of E3 wasn’t even at E3!

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And another thing: Don’t abuse Achievement whores…

I’m an Achievement whore. I admit it. I don’t know when it happened, but at some point the little “blip!” sound effect that heralded the unlocking of a tiny square picture in a game’s Achievement window became something I sought … Continue reading

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Shiny stuff: Plants Vs Zombies Gear

I love Plants Vs Zombies. Every week I spend about an hour and a half on public transport and in the absence of any reading material, PVZ is the device I use to stay interested and vaguely sane. It’s not … Continue reading

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