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You’re Max Payne. So move…

One of the things that occurs in game reviewing that’s most likely to hack off critics is when PR reps send a review guide along with the game code. Personally speaking, I don’t have a problem with this – in … Continue reading

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Max Payne takes a load off

Quick post today because I actually need to do some work, so I thought I’d stick up this video I found someone I follow found and tweeted. Nice to see Max finally lightening and up and relaxing for a change! … Continue reading

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Unboxing Max Payne 3 Special Edition

The door knocker cracked against the hard wood, pulling me from my slumber like an angry lover. I stumbled through the fog and haze of the early morning and opened the door.

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I nearly posted about Max Payne 3

So yesterday I sat down to write the first blog post on here in nearly an age. It was going to be all about Max Payne 3.

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