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Shiny stuff: Driver card for… your guess is as good as mine

    So this arrived today. Good job too. Apparently it’s for something to do with the GMA’s in Holborn tomorrow, so I’d have been put out if it’d arrived late.

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Shiny stuff: Homefront’s Guide to surviving under North Korean rule

    Attention citizen. Next year Homefront launches and you will need to be in the head-space of an American citizen whose country has been conquered by the North Korean Army. Or something. To ┬áthat end, THQ has produced this … Continue reading

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And another thing: True Gaming Tat

Looking at the Shiny stuff: Final Fantasy XIII Elixir post made me realise I don’t get sent gaming tat, ever. I’m sure I’m not the only one either, so what to do? The answer is simple: make your own. Why … Continue reading

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