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Sepiroth and Cloud have a domestic

It’s work work work and more work today. I’m having to play some obscure Japanese games for review, so there’s no time for a lengthy post. Instead, I thought I’d leave you with this cool video to watch.

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And another thing: WOW? You must mean FFXIV

A while back I wrote an entry praising Blizzard Entertainment to the heavens. I stand by every word I wrote, but when you stand on the inside of fandom looking out, you never really think that any other brand of … Continue reading

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Shiny stuff: Final Fantasy XIII Elixir

What is this, may you ask? Well, you may. You may very well may. This is one of the weirdest things I’ve been sent so far. It is, I kid you not, Final Fantasy XIII Elixir! What is that? Damned … Continue reading

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