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Ubisoft’s Mr Caffeine is an inspiring fellow

I wasn’t at the Ubisoft press briefing this year. Instead I was having high tea at the JW Marriott and writing up my preview of the MS press briefing between sips of coffee. Yeah! I had coffee at high tea! … Continue reading

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Best of E3

Well, E3 2011 is now consigned to the annals of games industry history. Everyone in the gaming media has rounded up the expo with their best of list and here I am bucking absolutely no trends whatsoever.

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E3 Bethesda Cube

I got back from E3 the other day. I have to say it was immense, tiring, fantastic and draining all at the same time. I also have to say that the developer with the least to worry about for the … Continue reading

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E3 Wishlist

So, E3 starts next week and if you’re interested, you can find a veritable trunk-load of articles by gamer hacks which make predictions about the expo, and list off what they’d like to see happen. While I’m on board with … Continue reading

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Everything is happening today. EVERYTHING!!!

E3 is about two weeks away now, so today, obviously, video game publishers have decided to drop a veritable treasure trove of delights onto the schedule of all games journos in the land… on the same ****** day!!!

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