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Playing a pleb in Skyrim

So here’s something I never thought I’d see. Someone playing a game like an NPC. But here it is: Andy Kelly, aka @ultrabrilliant¬†has decided to embark on a journey through Bethesda’s fantasy RPG beast, where he kills no monsters, follows … Continue reading

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The Skyrim and the damage done

I’ve just been asked to review the Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim by a publication, and while I could do with the money, I’m approaching this task with clammy palms and a hollow sense of trepidation.

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E3 Bethesda Cube

I got back from E3 the other day. I have to say it was immense, tiring, fantastic and draining all at the same time. I also have to say that the developer with the least to worry about for the … Continue reading

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