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Cup Cake Monday

So this morning I looked in the mirror at the rolls of flab I have cascading over my belt buckle and thought ‘Screw it! Time to get in shape!” Nevermind that the Silly Season is starting. Nevermind that oddles of … Continue reading

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Borderlands 2 Bag O’ Swag

Happy Borderlands 2 day, fellow Vault Hunters! What’s that? You don’t care for Borderlands 2? You don’t even know what a Vault Hunter is? Then go away, because you certainly won’t be interested in feasting your eyes on the whacking … Continue reading

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Hitman Absolution tie giveaway

Are you a suave, sexless, repressed bald bloke with a bar-code tattooed into the back of your head? Do you hide in plain sight, mingle in crowds and traipse about in shadows waiting for the opportune moment to bag your … Continue reading

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Borderlands 2 Top Trumps

What did you get in the post today? Here’s what I got in the post today: Like, holy cow! That right there is an official set of Borderlands 2 Top Trump cards. Complete with cellophane wrapping and gaudy yellow carrier … Continue reading

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Madden NFL 13 cheat sheet wipes your sweat away

This week, as everyone knows, the manliest of manly videogames ever made about manly men playing a manly sport in manly pads and manly helmet is out. Yeah, baby, it’s Madden NFL 13 and I’ll be reviewing it too!

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Borderlands 2 mini-game

Mr Postman delivered a package to me yesterday from the lovely people at 2K. Since Spec Ops: The Line is already out, XCOM isn’t for another month and BioShock Infinite has been pushed to next year, this package could only … Continue reading

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Unboxing Nintendo 3DS XL

I’ve been slack this week. I missed posting yesterday and I spent a ton of time finishing off Max Payne 3 when I should have been playing The Amazing Spiderman. To that end I probably don’t deserve what arrived in … Continue reading

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