Moo Milk and the TBJ in Toronto

Here’s something you probably don’t know about me: I follow basketball. I know. Earth-shattering, isn’t it? I bet your perception of me is completely blown, but there it is. I’ve followed basketball in general since about 1991, so I know why so many fans have it in for Lebron James and I know King James has a ways to go before he’s MJ. I’ve also followed the New York Knicks in particular since about 1991, so yes, I know what heartache feels like.

I got into basketball through the film Teen Wolf. Shut up. The end of that film is awesome.

And then after that, you know, when Scott wins the game with two shots off a personal foul and dumps the blonde bimbo for Boof? Yeah, it’s awesome.

Anyway, shortly after that I got into basketball sim made by EA called Lakers Vs Celtic: The NBA Playoffs, which looked like this:

It may look a little pokey now, but at the time, LVsC was my gateway into a sport that had zero coverage in the country I grew up in (South Africa, in case you’re wondering). This all changed in 1993, when basketball became the world’s fastest growing sport thanks to the rise of Michael Jordan and the Olympic Gold Medalist Team USA. All of a sudden we had Inside NBA and the odd game broadcast on cable.

By then, though, I was screwed, because I was a Knicks fan. The reason for this is because I always played LVsC with the Knicks as they were the hardest team to beat the game with and I wanted a challenge. I was also young and dumb and so I didn’t make the mental leap and deduce that the reason the Knicks were the most difficult team to clock the game with is because they sucked. Because I also lived so far away from the US of A, I was also unaware that most NBA fans loathe and despise the Knicks along with the people who support them. Oh well, you don’t pick your team – your team picks you, so at least I can blame fate along with my own youthful stupidity on being a Knicks fan.

Once I’d relocated to Britain in 2,000, basketball kind of dropped off the radar for me. I was, however, able to reconnect with the NBA in recent years – and no thanks here is due to the Knicks’s insipid and cruddy smartphone app, which is one of the most terrible things ever. Up until it bit the dust entirely this year, it was less updated than this blog – and that’s saying something.

No, instead my love for basketball was rekindled by the entertaining gang of ne’er-do-wells known as The Basketball Jones. If you have any interest at all in basketball, I truly suggest you follow them at The Score; the blog is an entertaining bag of gags and information and they present one of the best podcasts available on the internet. Note I didn’t say ‘basketball podcast’. That’s because it’s one of the best podcasts, period. Doubt me? Head over there now while they’re broadcasting something called The [BLANK] Jones in the off-season. Last episode dealt with building yourself a successful podcast, so budding games casters of the future should take note; since TBJ started out in the kitchen and has since made it to The Score, it’s a ton to a tenner these guys know what they’re talking about.

So now I guess I should address the title of the entry in today’s blog – it’s a shameless plug. One of the TBJ hosts, Tas Melas, has a wife who runs what sounds like an awesome milk and cookies shop in Toronto called The Moo Milk Bar. Since this only the second time I’ve ever been in this neck of the woods, I plan to sample some cookies and milk this afternoon in some weird pilgrimage that began at Teen Wolf and ended at Like A Bosh.

TBJ, I salute you!

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2 Responses to Moo Milk and the TBJ in Toronto

  1. Weefz says:

    So how were the cookies?

  2. Nick Cowen says:

    Would you believe it? The Moo Milk Bar is closed on Mondays! 😦

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