Borderlands 2 Bag O’ Swag

Borderlands 2 Bag O Swag

Mr Postman delivered a box to me today. Whatever could it be?

Happy Borderlands 2 day, fellow Vault Hunters! What’s that? You don’t care for Borderlands 2? You don’t even know what a Vault Hunter is? Then go away, because you certainly won’t be interested in feasting your eyes on the whacking great bag o’ swag that 2K sent me through the post!

Still here? Right, let’s rip into this sweet little package!

Borderlands 2 Bag O Swag

An army green dufflebag with insignia. Probably belongs to Axton…

Aha! A dufflebag! Filled with Borderlands 2 sweet meats no doubt! Let’s take her into the kitchen and open her up!

Borderlands 2 Bag O Swag

Borderlands 2 T-Shirt! Yes, another one!

Aha! A Borderlands 2 T-Shirt. So one can look stylish will blasting the crap out of hockey-mask-wearing goons, no doubt!

Borderlands 2 Bag O Swag

Cl4ptr4p plushy. For huggy hugs that smell of petrol and axle grease

Aww, look at the little fella! Lil’ cuddly Cl4ptr4p complete with mohawk made out of Bullymong hair. He’ll make a nice companion for Kirby if I ever let that grinning little boil out of the basement!

Borderlands 2 Bag O Swag

Cache of Borderlands 2 necessities for the urban warlord… or something

Top trumps, USB, Badges, iPhone case… Yep, just the sort of tools one needs for survival in the hostile wilderness of Pandora. By the way… does anyone want the iPhone case in that picture? I have no use for it and if you can tell me what your favourite gun manufacturer in the game is and why, it’s yours for nothing!

And now the moment you’ve I’ve been waiting for:

Borderlands 2 Bag Of Swag

Right, that’s the weekend sorted. And the rest of the week. And the rest of the month. And the rest of the year. And the rest… etc etc

Oh yeah, baby. See you in about a year!

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8 Responses to Borderlands 2 Bag O’ Swag

  1. burger says:

    u are seriously one spoiled fuck

  2. Alex says:

    Dahl- as the weapons are amazing quality and most are elemental

  3. jacoba, if it took more then one shot you was not using a jacobs 😉 plus i love the old time look 🙂

  4. Also how the hell to you get companies to send you swag like this? would love to get into that mailing list haha 🙂

  5. yoni says:

    can i have the phone case i cant decide my favorite gun

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