Hitman Absolution tie giveaway

Hitman Absolution tie

Hitman Absolution tie. Wrapped in plastic. Don’t worry, it’s not dead.

Are you a suave, sexless, repressed bald bloke with a bar-code tattooed into the back of your head? Do you hide in plain sight, mingle in crowds and traipse about in shadows waiting for the opportune moment to bag your human prey? Are you well versed in using a wide range of weaponry and hand-to-hand combat? Have you ever killed anyone while dressed as a chicken? Well, I may have your tie…

I was cleaning out the cupboard under the stairs the other day and came across this debonair little item. It doesn’t go with many of the suity suit clothes I have but there’s no reason for me to be a dog-in-a-manger here. For those who think I’m just trying to get shot of a blood red tie with no attachment to Agent 47, behold:

Hitman Absolution tie

Property of Agent 47. Says so right here!

So, anyone fancy a nice new tie? Post a comment on what you’d wear it with in the space below and it could be yours.

I’m sure there’s some sort of ‘dressed to kill’ reference I’m supposed to make, but who cares? Anyway, to see how sharp you could look in this baby, watch this trailer for IO’s new game – and note the straightening of said item at about 50s in.

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10 Responses to Hitman Absolution tie giveaway

  1. Nixemus says:

    Well I’m certainly not an Assassin looking for an appropriate tie to wear, but I did buy a new suit recently and am looking for something dapper to wear along with it; this would be perfect!

  2. Nixemus says:

    Well I’m certainly not an Assassin looking for something appropriate to wear, but I did buy a new suit recently and I’m looking for something dapper to go along with it!

  3. Joe says:

    I’m a games journalist, Nick. That means I’d have to wear it with an unironed plaid shirt.

  4. Nick Cowen says:

    Right. There are only the two of you in the running so I’m going to be as fair as I can and settle this with a coin toss. Since Nixemus was first, he gets to call it: Heads Or Tails?

  5. Nixemus says:

    I would like to call Tails.

  6. yeoldesnake says:

    It would certainly complete my Hitman-ish outfit. I pretty much wear a black suit/black pants/leather gloves everywhere, as if it was casual. The red tie would be the icing on the cake for whenever i want to dress formally. But since i am pretty sure the giveaway has ended, i am going to have to find another alternative.

    • Nick Cowen says:

      I’m afraid so, sir. Keep an eye on GameWaste though, I tend to give away stuff on here fairly regularly. And while not all of it is as stylish as this, I’m sure you’ll find some of it is to your liking!

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