Achievements and Trophies you should feel bad about

Sleeping Dogs Tourist Achievement

I got this because I stood around in a game betting money on innocent pixelated roosters killing each other. I’m a sod!

Last weekend I played some of Sleeping Dogs. I’ve finished the game, I’m just rinsing it for Achievements at this stage. Anyway, while I was playing it I noticed that this a game that hands you an Achievement for betting on cockfights – essentially taking part in animal cruelty. Or pixelated animal cruelty. Or something. I sat down to write a blog about the Achievements/Trophies players can unlock by engaging in nefarious activities in games. Then I thought, ‘hang on a sec, maybe someone will pay money for this′. So I pitched a piece to CVG and they decided, yes, they’d take it. You can read what I would’ve written on GameWaste if they’d said no here.

Remember kids, if someone’s willing to buy your ideas, you may be onto something…

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