Borderlands 2 mini-game

Borderlands 2

Mr Postman has brought me something from 2K. Whatever could it be?

Mr Postman delivered a package to me yesterday from the lovely people at 2K. Since Spec Ops: The Line is already out, XCOM isn’t for another month and BioShock Infinite has been pushed to next year, this package could only contain one thing…

…and that thing is Borderlands 2! So it was with trembling fingers I tore open the packaging to reveal…

Borderlands 2

Borderlands. Kind of. With box-art by the bloke who draws The Simpsons, apparently

…er, Border Lands. From 1989. Right. Still, it’s a game from Gearbox so it’s bound to be eminently playable, right?

Borderlands 2

Er. Right. Kickin’ it old school in the Borderlands… (WTF!!?)

Ah. This may present something of a problem. I don’t have a disc drive on any of the PCs I own. No matter, Gearbox seem to have issued a workaround.

Borderlands 2

Okay, what exactly am I supposed to do with this?

Right. So I have all I need to play this browser game in the event of my internet being connection. Awesome stuff. I think…

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