Sleeping Dogs cause big hangover

Sleeping Dogs

Cocktails, guns, gambling and dragons. It’s Sleeping Dogs, baby!

This time last week I woke up with a hangover the size of Mount Rushmore, complete with its knobbly faces trying to bite their way through my frontal lobes. I genuinely felt as though someone was trying to drive a truck through my left eye, and this was all down to the fact I was dumb enough to attend the Sleeping Dogs game launch in Covent Garden.I don’t regret doing this, by the way. There was a ton of fun to be had, and not just because the game was there (and it’s pretty good too), but also because there was gambling and cocktails. Okay, so the gambling was done with fake money, but the cocktails were real! I know this because they built a diamond tipped drill in my belly and then tried to bore their way out of my head the following morning.

There were also dragons! See?

Sleeping Dogs

Here be dragons. Here at the Sleeping Dogs party!


Sleeping Dogs

Look! A real live dragon!

Yeah, a real live dragon real live people pretending to be a real live dragon. There was also karaoke, which I didn’t partake in – I left that to Julia Hardy (Front) and Sam Clay (VG247). In the interests of taste and humanity I made no recordings of their dulcet tones.

I did, however, manage to come away with possibly the most vital item of the night – the recipe for the cocktails that destroyed my brain. And here it is, so you too can enjoy its fruity flavour and wake up the next day feeling like shit!

50ml Vodka
20ml Lime juice (or three pieces of lime squeezed)
20ml Apple juice
5ml Sugar Syrup
10ml Maraschino liqueur
1 Cherry

Your friends at urge you to drink responsibly. Whatever the hell that means!

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