Hitman Absolution Contract mode

Hitman Absolution

No dead nuns and a ton of fun. Agent 47, where the hell have you been?

Now this is more like it! A trailer for the new Hitman Absolution that doesn’t make it feel like a twin-stick shooter or feature any S&M nun-bashing! A trailer that promotes the hell out of Hitman Absolution by, ya know, making it look and feel like an actual Hitman game, rather than a car crash involving a leather bar, Agent 47 and a truckload of guns and eyeliner.

It’s called Contracts mode and, by all accounts, it looks like a fantastic way for IO to sidestep the prevailing attitude publishers have towards online modes. You know, the one in which they seem hell-bent on cramming a multiplayer mode into any single-player game franchise that became a success and won tons of fans without ever needing one? Yeah, that one.

Apparently the way it works is this: you pick a load-out (weapons and outfits), head into a level and then select a target to whack (you can select up to three, apparently). You carry out the hit, make your way to an exit point and then you receive a pay-out depending on how fast you were and what criteria you followed. You can then issue challenges to other players and IO says they’re going to pick the top 5 every week and post them up as game bait on the Hitman leaderboards.

So there you go, a multiplayer mode that compliments the solitary gameplay and doesn’t run roughshod over the appeal of the entire franchise! Win!

Oh, and no dead latex-wearing nuns! Double win!*]

This is the Hitman I came to know and love…

*Double win shall be removed if it turns out that the latex-wearing nuns feature in the challenge mode, or if one of the challenges posted is to beat up said latex-wearing nuns outside a crummy-looking motel with a tyre-iron.

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