Gamewaste’s GMA nomination: Holy ****ing ****!!!!????

My phone has been dinging solidly now for the last half an hour. At first I thought it was because I may have done something embarrassing at last night’s Sleeping Dogs launch (more on that later). But no! It turns out that I’ve been nominated for a GMA!

GMA Nomination for Gamewaste

That’s right! This is now officially an award-nominated blog!

Okay, you can stop laughing now, this is serious! This blog has been nominated for an honest-to-God award. Does it have a chance of winning? Well, the blogs it’s up against publish reviews, previews, interviews, new pieces and features providing detailed analysis of the video games industry and the art it creates. This blog publishes pieces about funny stuffs found on the internet, opening lovely loot and the odd opinion piece that shows how immature the blog’s author is. You be the judge!

Still, it’s great to be nominated, and I’d like to thank The Academy all the lovely lovely gaming folk that put this blog forward for an award! I love you all!

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4 Responses to Gamewaste’s GMA nomination: Holy ****ing ****!!!!????

  1. Nick Cowen says:

    Why thank you very much!

  2. gethill says:

    We love you Nick!

  3. Nick Cowen says:

    And I love you all back!

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