Seeking the skinny fellow

Sometimes I love the internet. I posted Tuesday about Silent Hill not being very scary anymore. Next thing I know I have a bunch of people contacting me saying that if I need a scare fix I should check out a game called Slender. So tonight I set out to terrify the living shit out of myself!

I’ve heard of Slender. It’s an indie horror game based around the Slender Man TV Trope. Game hacks I know are raving about this game, which seems to involve wandering around in the dark picking up pages and doing your damndest to avoid the attentions of some anorexic creep. How scary could it be?

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2 Responses to Seeking the skinny fellow

  1. This game is so creepy! But I love it!

  2. Nick Cowen says:

    I actually didn’t get round to playing it last night. I could get free streaks for special gems on Bejeweled Blitz. I’m pathetic, I know!

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