Rosebowl Exclusive

Last week was a busy week, so there’s lot’s to do and a lot to catch up on. New games were previewed, football was watched. There’s a lot to get through this week and it starts with a boatload of commissions off the back of a trip to Canada. At some stage I want to address something a little more serious than usual, so I’ll be honing my usually sledge-hammered approach to commentary.


Anyone up for some College Ball? That’s what they call it, right? College Ball?

In the meantime I returned with a lovely new game that – as far as I know has never been released in this country before – NCAA 13. This might make finding a game online problematic (maybe not), but I’m keen to see how this baby differs from its Pro League older brother, Madden. More on helmets, pads and a game named after an appendage that hardly ever features in its gameplay later!

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