Merc with the mouth becomes Merc with the video game

Last week at Comic-con, Activision announced that Wade Wilson was getting his own game. You can have a look at some Deadpool gaming goodness here:

I have to confess I have mixed feelings about the prospect of a Deadpool video game based on the above footage. Let’s tick off the pros and cons, shall we?


1) Well, Deadpool game. Woo. Obviously.
2) He seems to be able to cut heads off and kick people in their groins, which is always a good thing.
3) There’s a bouncy castle in the trailer.
4) The fourth wall. She is well and truly broken.
5) The game seems insanely violent in an entertaining kind of way.
6) At least half of the throwaway lines seem to work.


1) Half of the throwaway lines don’t work.
2) Humour skirts on the wrong edge of puerile.
3) All the enemies look the same.
4) High moon seems to think overemphasis on boobies is intrinsically funny and cool by itself.
5) Humour skirts on the wrong edge of toilet.
6) It’s debatable how much of a draw Deadpool is outside the comic nerd collective.

Wild card factor: Character is voiced by Nolan North who is either awesome or in EVERY SINGLE GAME THESE DAYS, depending on your affection for the man and his vocal talents.

Wild card factor 2: Game is made by High Moon Studios who made Transformers: War For Cybertron (AWESOME) and the tie-in game for the Michael Bay Transformer movies (NOT).

I don’t know where I stand with this one. Ultimately I want it to veer more towards snark than sleaze and I’m not sure if it will do this. More complaints to follow as I develop them…

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