Unboxing Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo 3DS XL

What do we have here?

I’ve been slack this week. I missed posting yesterday and I spent a ton of time finishing off Max Payne 3 when I should have been playing The Amazing Spiderman. To that end I probably don’t deserve what arrived in the post today, but then life isn’t fair like that.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Well, lookee here!

I have to own up to the fact that until this had arrived, I’d almost reconciled myself with permanently falling of Nintendo’s mailing list. Nice to see that’s been rectified and – in case I don’t get around to saying so later in this post – thanks to Nintendo for sorting this out.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Manual on the left. Console on the right.

Interesting. The Nintendo 3DS XL is actually smaller than I thought it’d be. Certainly smaller than the Nintendo XL I played with all those many moons ago. That thing had a stylus that looked like a particularly chunky BIC pen.

Nintendo 3DS XL

That, my friends, is one frikkin’ huge manual.

The console isn’t that thick, either. The manual it comes with is a huge honking thing that I never intend to read – and it’s twice as thick as the console. Useful if I ever need a door jammed open.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Lovely, isn’t she?

The console is pretty pretty, though. Compact, elegant – all the things the Nintendo XL wasn’t.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Open her up and she glints at you. She glints!

Only thing is it doesn’t come with a charger. The manual (which I earlier swore I’d never read – DAMN YOU, NINTENDO!) says that the 3DS XL’s socket is compatible with DS and DSi. That, my friends, is confidence bordering on arrogance. It’s almost like Nintendo knows that anyone who buys this will be enough of a fanboy to own a charger that fits it.

Yeah, I do, so what? Doesn’t make me a fanboy…

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