Out here on the periphery

Today I spent some time at the controls of a game that’s scheduled for September. Naturally, I was asked to sign an NDA about this game so all I can pretty much tell you about it is this:

Borderlands 2

Yeah! You know you want it!

Oh, I could go into large detail about how [EMBARGO] it is. I could regale you at length about how its [EMBARGO]ed new [EMBARGO]s make the prospect of playing it both enticing and a little intimidating. I could tell you about [EMBARGO] and the [EMBARGO] I played today showed that even its earliest stages, Borderlands 2 is both [EMBARGO] and [EMBARGO]. But I can’t. Because the whole thing is under [EMBARGO].

But hey, who wants a free T-shirt? It looks like this:

Borderlands 2 T-shirt

Yeah! You know you want it! Except in this case, you stand a fighting chance of having it!

Just fill in the comment section underneath this article what you loved most about Borderlands 2. I’ll pick a winner and send you it. Seriously.

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13 Responses to Out here on the periphery

  1. Weefz says:

    I liek teh gun s.

  2. StinkyTiger says:


  3. Hardlydan says:

    I love the [EMBARGO] the [EMBARGO] and especially the new [EMBARGO]s

  4. Personally, I love the fact that they’ve kept the ‘accidental’ astetic without going all serious on us. It still looks bat-poo crazy whilst keeping you invested enough to carry on playing. Also, how they essentially made the Berserker – my class of choice – more awesome by letting him hold TWO GUNS at once – Fingers crossed for the t-shirt! – Mike

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  5. Alex says:

    I loved the way the [EMBARGO] [EMBARGO]’d. Unbelievable! And when [EMBARGO] did [EMBARGO] to [EMBARGO] i was astounded! The only thing i didn’t like was the [EMBARGO] on the [EMBARGO]. I’m sure everyone agrees with me on that.

  6. Markatansky says:

    That [EMBARGO] made me want to [EMBARGO] a small robot in real life.

  7. PSykes says:

    Personally I wasn’t too sure about the bit where you have to [EMBARGO] Maya with the collectable [EMBARGO] especially when you consider real world physics would make this impossible. Combined with the [EMBARGO] mission when you [EMBARGO] [EMBARGO] with a piece of [EMBARGO] and [EMBARGO] the [EMBARGO], you have to wonder what kind of people are making this. I only hope the Daily Mail don’t get wind of the [EMBARGO] section at least.

    • Nick Cowen says:

      WINNER! Right, all you need to do is find me on Twitter – @witenoyze – send me your postal address via DM and I shall send you your new Borderlands 2 T-Shirt! It really is that simple!

  8. Adam says:

    Borderlands 2: Electric Boogaloo
    Borderlands 2: The Night BarnesAndNoblelands Died
    Borderlands 2: Border Harder
    Borderlands 2: The Quickening
    Borderlands 2: A Little Stab Will Do Ya
    Borderlands 2: Run For The Border, Again
    Borderlands 2: There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. For Everything Else, There’s Borderlands 2
    Borderlands 2: I’m Lovin’ It
    Borderlands 2: I Played It And All I Got Was A Lousy T-Shirt


  9. Stuart says:

    Ah fuck it, I’ll just phone the PR and ask for a free T-shirt …

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  11. Ian gent says:


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