Starcraft 2 UK Nationals

E-Sports comes to London: Starcraft 2 UK Nationals at Bafta

Lots of work to do today time for a quick post about what a colossal nerd I was at the weekend. While most people I know were either outside enjoying the sunshine or gearing up for an evening of lager-fueled footie spectating or Pimms-washed tennis watching, I was at Bafta watching the Starcraft 2 UK Nationals.

I’d never watched a Starcraft 2 game being played as part of an E Sport tournament. It was something of an eye-opener. As several players stare intently at their PCs, clicking away like mad on their mouses and tapping hotkeys, a game between two players in the spotlight is shown on a massive screen at the back of the auditorium. As the games unfold, two professional commentators provide the play-by-play, making sure the tournament has the atmosphere of pro-sports – even if it lacks the physical exertion. There’s good, honest sweat involved too – mostly the audiences’. This is because Baftas lovely cinema’s air-con couldn’t compete with the high-end PCs needed to play the game on, as well as the mountain of equipment needed to broadcast it. In between bouts, it was advisable to nip out to the Bafta bar for some cool refreshments.

Sometimes I love my job. I really do.

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