R.I.P. Radical…

…except not, apparently? Here’s a strange turn of events: yesterday I peruse over the reservoir of truth that is Twitter and discover a ton of people are tweeting about the untimely demise of Radical Entertainment. If you don’t know, they’re the creators of fine products such as Scarface: The World Is Yours, The Simpsons: Hit & Run, The Incredible Hulk and, of course, Protoype 1 & 2 – or to give them their proper titles [Prototype] and [Prototype 2], making them the only games in existence whose titles pwn the square brackets.


Yeah, you look cool, but is your target lock-on any good? No. No it is not!

The news that Radical was no more prompted an outpouring of grief on Twitter – even from people who didn’t really rate their games. And then something weird happened.

The news emerged that Radical wasn’t closing at all. Instead a statement released by its parent company, Activision stated that the company would se a “significant reduction in staff”, and that the studio “will cease development of its own games going forward”. Or as CVG’s Andy Robinson put it:

“So Activision clarifies: Radical not closed, just massive redundancies and no longer making any more games ever. Ah.”

It’s a pretty sad state of affair really. Having visited the studio in Vancouver and met a lot of the creative minds who worked there until recently, I can confirm that not only are they a pretty talented lot, they’re genuinely nice people to boot. Here’s hoping they land on their feet as soon as possible.

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