Diablo III Hardcore Inferno is dead. Long live Diablo III

Quick post today because I actually have a lot of work today and I found this while perusing on the inimitable Eurogamer.net. Apparently a couple of Diablo III grinders managed to finish Blizzard’s dungeon crawler on the eye-wateringly rock-hard Hardcore Inferno difficulty. This is the difficulty level  in which if you’re character dies, they die permanently and are wiped from the face of existence in the game –  along with all the cool loot they have.

The players in this vid are the first people in the world to beat the game on this difficulty, so props to them.

Props also to Eurogamer’s Wes Yin-Poole for the find. See that, kids? Diablo is dead. Now where are the hardest of the hardcore going to get their kicks?

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