I Am (Very) Alive

I Am Alive The Leaderboards

See that? Yeah, that's me pwning the apocalypse!

I finished I Am Alive last night. I can’t tell you what it was like now because there’s a review embargo and the last time I said something about a game under embargo, somebody screengrabbed my comment and turned it into a news story. That got me into trouble. I don’t like getting into trouble. So no comments about what I thought of I Am Alive today. (They are coming, but these things take time).

Anyway, what’s far more important than what I think about this game is the fact that I’m currently at the top of the leaderboards. This is probably the first and last time this will ever happen in my career as a gaming journalist, so I thought I’d post it here for posterity. At the time of this writing, then, I Am More Alive Than You. I Am Most Alive. I Am The Alivest. So there!

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One Response to I Am (Very) Alive

  1. IxJoaoPauloBRxI says:

    I hope you drop that walkthrough soon, i’m getting crazy here lol

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