Broken Bat

Broken Bat

Why do you mock me, Batman: Arkham City? Why do you pretend I could ever reach 100 per cent?

There comes a time with every game when one needs to concede defeat. Whether defeat occurs through lack of skill, boredom or over saturation is moot; eventually, you hit a wall. Today, I’m giving serious thought to walking away from Batman: Arkham Asylum, because I do believe the developers have included a fatal flaw in their otherwise fantastic game. And quite frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of roaming the streets of Gotham’s super prison looking for a fire extinguisher.

Before the fanboys wade in, let me be clear on this; I love Batman: Arkham Asylum. Love it. I have a lot of issues with it – mostly about the combat – but none of them ever blunted my adoration of this game. The only blemish on its otherwise lovely veneer is the issue I’m about to start complaining about.

See, I’ve clocked up over 100 hours on Batman: Arkham City. In that time I have glided through its neon-encrusted streets, hurled Batarangs at myriad targets, collected shiny green Riddler Trophies and beaten the tar out of countless foes. All pretty heroic stuff. I’ve also played through the main campaign twice (once on regular and once on the difficult + mode) and completed all the side-missions. Like many other players, I burned through the campaign modes first and then went on to tackle the side missions and Riddler Challenges.

The Riddler Challenges in the main game are one of Batman: Arkham City’s masterstrokes. If you haven’t played the game, the Challenges mainly centre around picking up green Riddler Trophies that are dotted around the game’s gargantuan map. However, there’s also a separate category of Physical Challenges to complete, and these include activities such as finishing an opponent off with a Batarang combo, gliding for 30m while maintaining a height of 5m above water, and tripping up a couple of opponents by sliding under them.

To completionists and Achievement hounds like yours truly, the Riddler Challenges are like crack to a starved addict. They are delightful baubles that were capable of turning my head from any activity I engaged in while playing through the campaign. It took every ounce of willpower I had to resist starting on the Riddler Challenges, as I wanted to give them my undivided attention upon completing the main storyline. This, it seems, was a huge mistake, as I’m starting to come round to the idea that one of the Physical Riddler Challenges can only be completed while the storyline is in play.

The challenge in question involves hurling a Batarang at an explosive device during combat, before it is thrown at Batman. The only exploding objects that the many goons hurl at Batman during a fight throughout the game are fire extinguishers. While the story plays out there are a multitude of combat situations in which the player will encounter some thug who will pick up a fire extinguisher and toss it at Batman. Once the story’s over, however, and free-roam mode kicks in, they’ll find these instances drop to zero.

I’ve now been pounding the pavement in Arkham City for about a week and I’ve yet to come across any possible encounters that would involve a fire extinguisher. While there are various collections of thugs hanging out on certain sections of the map, none of them seem to be located near an explosive device. I’m finding it near impossible to locate some bad guys who would oblige me in helping out with my last Riddler Challenge. It’s the only one I need, really:

Broken Bat 2

One fire extinguisher hurled at my head. That's all I need, really.

So, in my desperation I’m turning to you, the Internet. If you know of a location in Arkham City where I can find a fight that will at some point involve a goon throwing a fire extinguisher at me, I’d be much obliged if you tweet or post its location in the comment section below. There may be some free gaming tat in it for you…

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3 Responses to Broken Bat

  1. Karloff says:

    Did you ever solve this problem?

    If not, my suggestion: start the game again. Yes, you’ll have to wade through a bit of useless content, but eventually you’ll find a fight with exploding objects and get your achievement. After all, it’s not as if you lose your other Riddler challenges when you start anew; Game Plus showed me that. So you’ll start your new session with all your other achievements in place, ready to pick up the last one you need.

  2. Nick Cowen says:

    I did manage to get it sorted in the end. There’s a fire extinguisher outside the museum and a handy collection of thugs to hurl it at you.

    Thanks for the tip, though, dude!

  3. Karloff says:

    No problem; glad you managed it. 😉

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