Divine Elixir for 2012

Oros. The finest drink ever created. Fact.

Oros. One of the finest drinks ever created. Fact.

There’s very few things one can do in life to make the world a better place, but I’m having a go anyway in 2012. To wit, I am starting a campaign to make Oros a permanent fixture in the minds of the gaming community.

Currently, the numero uno slot in the gaming beverage charts is occupied by Mountain Dew for some strange reason. Strange, because Mountain Dew tastes horrible unless it’s three in the morning, your fridge is empty, your water has been shut off and there is literally nothing left to drink in your house.

Okay, maybe it doesn’t taste as bad as all that, but it still doesn’t taste as good as Oros.

If you don’t know – and you probably don’t – Oros is an orange squash created by a group of geniuses in the far reaches of South Africa. On top of tasting like mana from heaven, Oros actually has magical healing properties. It’s true! Sling back a glass of Oros when you wake up after a night on the tiles and you will feel your hangover begin to recede almost immediately. It’s an even better hangover cure than vitamin water. Fact.

“Nectar of the gods. The orange drink to beat all others.”
Chris Schilling, video game journalist and all round nice guy

You can pick up a bottle of this lovely liquid at any Saffa ex-pat store in the UK. If you’re overseas you may be stuffed (unless you live in South Africa, obviously), but make inquiries as it’s well worth seeking out. Trust me. You need to obtain some of this stuff ASAP.

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