More shameless self promotion

One Life Left

I'm talking rubbish... again...

Hello. The other the day the lovely folk from One Life Left were fooled into thinking I knew anything about video games and so they invited me on their show.

Things you should know about this broadcast:

1) Ste ran out of the room during the title credits
2) W they found out I’d been on Adam Rosser’s Game On show they began plotting how to use me as an asset.
3) The studio had the door open for most of the broadcast because the sight of me sweating made them all nauseous.
4) When they found out I was going on Game On the following night, the idea of making me swallow flaked TNT and a remote detonator was considered.
5) The show marked the end of an era as one of the members of One Life Left announced their departure… OR DID THEY!!!???
6) … Oh just listen to the podcast¬†already!

Kudos to Simon, Ann and Ste who are utterly lovely, but then you knew that!

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One Response to More shameless self promotion

  1. Adam Rosser says:

    Traitor! Ingrate! Monster! You’re lucky you’re on a plane to NY! *shakes fist*

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