Goin’ to Japan, no thanks to you, signed Kirby

Kirby in Japan

Hid in da stoopid man's bag. He dint know I was here! Hee!

So I have bin tryin’ to get help cuz I’m gettin’ bashed by a horrid man who keeps me locked up in a cubored. And nobodi cares cuz I’m still stuck here bein’ bashed. So I decided hide in his bag to get out of town and go home for a bit.

I catch a taxy into Tokyo while the horid man had to catch the bus. Wee! Got myself a kewl crashpad in Tokyo wiv a heck ova veew!

Kirby in Japan

Check out the veew! Dis dont come cheap!

Crashpad ain’t free, tho. I needs to pay my way so I hedz off to TGS to rite some stuff for some game sites. No 1 noes more abouts games than Kirby. Specially not you horid gamers who left me in the horid mans howse. Thanks a lot!

Kirby In Japan

See! I's here at the Game Show! And I's ready to boogie!

TGS is big an’ colurful. Got to get my snaps be4 workin’ cuz later there’s no time!

Kirby in Japan

Me at the awesome show! Me pretty awesome too!

Hittin’ up the booths for some hands-on time with some games. Also need to mayke notes about what Im playin’ for game sites!

Kirby in Japan

Lift me higher! Higher! Now snap! Thas good!

Run into that Keef guy from the Gaardian. He helps me get a better pic wiv the flash on! Keef agrees the horid man is dumb and stoopid. Nice Keef! Now onta games!

Kirby in Japan

No pics now, I's workin!

Stoopid rep keeps snappin’ pics while I’s workin. I’s busy makin a buck and cant be interupted!

Kirby in Japan

Get that camra outta my face!

Shoo! Shoo! I’s workin’ here!

Now back to the crashpad and time for work. Havin a beer helps me rite about this stuff!

Kirby in Japan


Don’t judge! You do it too!


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