Mike Haggar for Mayor of London

Mike Haggar

Mike Haggar for Mayor! He's got your robust response to the riots right here, punks!

Right, so thankfully the fires in London have gone out. People are putting their lives back together, communities are healing and politicians and police are engaged in a slanging match over who should’ve done what when and who did (if you follow me).

Speaking as someone who lives down the road from where these protests kicked off all those many moons ago, I have to say I was rather unimpressed by the time it took the powers that be (read: the politicians, not the cops) to react to my and several other neighbourhoods burning. The PM didn’t say anything for the first three days (so much for the Big Society and us being “all in this together”) and the Mayor of London made one phone call to the BBC which lasted all of about 2 minutes. I think this response was rather lame, to be honest.

It’s certainly not the response we’d have gotten if Mayor Mike Haggar was in charge. As proof, you just check out the ass-kicking exploits in this here video. It’s the stuff of legend.

That’s the sort of response we needed. Robust indeed! I don’t care where you stand on the political divide, Mike Haggar would never have let his town riot for three days with no response! Fact!

PS please do swing by the channel of the creator of this magnificent piece of work. Ta!

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