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Back on the Beeb!

Hello all! Last night I was offered the opportunity to be a mouthy opinionated so and so on the BBC. And yes, I decided to take them up on their offer.

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Well hello again, Dystopia

Today’s bolt from the blue is a game that satisfies my cyberpunk jones so much, I’m flabbergasted I haven’t heard of it before now.

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Help me pleese!!! signed Kirby

Deer Intanet The horred man is away and I have onli got a short time to rite to you. Pleese! I need help!

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Mike Haggar for Mayor of London

Right, so thankfully the fires in London have gone out. People are putting their lives back together, communities are healing and politicians and police are engaged in a slanging match over who should’ve done what when and who did (if … Continue reading

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The Moneyshot: InFamous

I spent most of last month swearing at my television. This wasn’t because I was watching The Apprentice or Prime Minister’s Question Time. I was playing InFamous – ahead of tackling InFamous 2 – and its central protagonist, Cole MacGrath was … Continue reading

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What Harry Potter needed

So in case you’re locked in an isolation ward, London is entering its fourth straight day of rioting. As such, we all need a laugh. 

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