Sepiroth and Cloud have a domestic

Final Fantasy stop motion

I am going to mop the kitchen floor with you. Literally.

It’s work work work and more work today. I’m having to play some obscure Japanese games for review, so there’s no time for a lengthy post. Instead, I thought I’d leave you with this cool video to watch.

Just when I think gamers on YouTube can’t get any barmier, someone posts a stop-motion movie of Sepiroth and Cloud having a fight on their kitchen floor, with a couple of characters from Gundan thrown in for good measure. Awesome!

I can’t lay claim to having hunted this down myself. I fished it off someone more resourceful than me who posted it in my twitterfeed. However, I can report the creators of this thing seem to have more good stuff in their channel.

While I toil away on my PS3, head over to  and feast your eyes on some more stop-motion mayhem!

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