PVZ takes over my life – yet again!!

Plants Vs Zombies

More content. More achievements. More PVZ. You will play and play and play...

Well here’s a surprise; turns out the best gaming news of the week of E3 wasn’t even at E3!

My phone email pinged me this delightful press release from PopCap games which stated a boatload of new content for PVZ on the iPhone is on the way. A while back I posited the idea that PopCap could feasibly keep me playing PVZ indefinitely if they just rolled out a new list of achievements every other month. Well, not only have they done that, but they have rolled out a collection of new mini-games and – FINALLY!!! – made Zen Garden part of the iPhone update.

This last piece of news is what set my spine tingling. Zen Garden. On the iPhone. I may never look up from my iPhone on the Tube ever again!

Plants Vs Zombies toys

More zombies! With Cones on heads! And Mandarin costumes!

In other news PopCap have sent round some lovely shiny stuff in the form of a cone-wearing zombie and a zombie from the Far East. Don’t they look adorable?

Right, off to tend my Zen Garden now. See you all in the next life…

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