Ubisoft’s Mr Caffeine is an inspiring fellow

Mr Caffeine

Ubisoft's Aaron Priceman aka Mr Caffeine aka DOODLEY DOODLEY DOODLE DO!

I wasn’t at the Ubisoft press briefing this year. Instead I was having high tea at the JW Marriott and writing up my preview of the MS press briefing between sips of coffee. Yeah! I had coffee at high tea! Sue me! Anyway, this means I didn’t catch an eyeful of Aaron Priceman, or Mr Caffeine as he calls himself,  the guy who compered Ubisoft’s press briefing. In hindsight, I missed out on one of the best things at E3.

Priceman, billed on his website as a “professional host and seasoned on-air talent” has a unique style of presenting which you can see below.

As you can imagine, he earned some mixed reactions from the keynote’s attendees.These ranged all the way from “Holy cow, this man is awesome” to “If he keeps this up I’m going to swallow my own fist” to “I’m swallowing my own fist and now feel a lot better.” However, the top reaction he seems to have garnered is; “I can’t wait to get home and YouTube the hell out of this guy.”

Some of them flexed their editing skills to show their displeasure.

While others decided to focus on Priceman’s time-travel noise.

Still more decided his time travel noise made for a wicked music sample.

Try doing any of that with a TARDIS!

Still, whatever your opinion of the guy, he’s probably the most memorable thing from any briefing at E3 – with the exception of Ice T’s rebranding of Horde Mode as ‘Horde Morde’ in Gears 3. And it seems he’s also a source of inspiration and creativity for the entire internet.

I am now genuiniely sorry I missed Ubisoft’s briefing because if I’d caught it, Priceman would’ve been on my Best of E3 list. Seriously!

Mr Caffeine, I salute you!

PS – double click on the YouTube clips you like. The creators deserve some hits.

[UPDATE: @JohnnyCullen found this sweet metal remix: http://youtu.be/I5mUapJTYyE If you’ve got more videos, post the links below.]

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