L.A. Noire Swag

LA Noire

Presents waiting for me from the grittier side of gaming.

The greatest thing about getting home from E3 is the fact you can fall asleep without worrying about a deadline for the first time in about five days. The second greatest thing is that there may be Shiny Stuff waiting for you when you get in!

To wit, there was a package lying unopened on the couch when I arrived back home, all jetlagged and smelly from my 9 hour flight. How my other half resisted the temptation to open it, I’ll never know! I instantly tore into it, and behold, it contained swag!

LA Noire Shiny stuff

Look at my new collection of goodies!

Aha! This is premier Shiny stuff. Let’s take a closer look shall we?

LA Noire Shiny stuff

Scented bath and show stuff from the mean streets of LA

First, we have some nice bathing items from Kiehl’s. Manufacturers of fine shower and bath products since 1851. And yes, they’re a real company. Just the thing to wash the jetlag off. Unfortunately, my other half has made off with them, claiming them as her own. Bah!

LA Noire Shiny stuff

Army shirt. For ex-army guys. Who get in deep in the city of angels...

Next up is a baggy, army shirt. Could make a nice summer wind-breaker, I think. Unfortunately, my other half had the same idea, and once again has purloined my swag – the same way she did with my Red Dead Redemption shirt!

LA Noire Shiny stuff

A notebook for making notes in about case you solves in the naked city

Aha! An item that is useful to both cop and journo alike. A handy notebook…

LA Noire Shiny stuff

A box with the Rockstar Logo on it. Tarmac black. Like the simmering LA blacktop

…which came with this box which makes a rattling sound when I shake it.

LA Noire Shiny stuff

Pencils with lead in them. The safe kind of lead. Not the kind of lead you find in bullets which go into guns, kid!

Great! Pencils! Time to make some notes… wait a minute! They didn’t include a sharpener. Well, we’ll put these items to one side and investigate the swag further…

LA Noire Shiny stuff

A torch for lighting the corners of the dark alleys of LA

Vintage-looking torch. Not as bright or hardcore as the Alan Wake torch I have, but it would be more effective if used as a cosh!

LA Noire Shiny stuff

Evidence! What could possibly be inside?

Now what have we here?

LA Noire Shiny stuff

A cast iron globe. I have the whole world in my hand

Nice. Could make a decent paperweight…

LA Noire Shiny stuff

Flip it open and a flame appears. Handy for lighting cigarettes for red-dress-wearing dames in the mean city of... oh, you get the idea!

Sweet! Now all I need to do is keep it away from any paper…

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8 Responses to L.A. Noire Swag

  1. That’s pretty damn amazing!

  2. Tweedskin says:

    Can I have the Lighter?! Pretty please?!

  3. Hari says:

    The Kiehls is mine! Mwah ha ha haaaaaa!

  4. Jen says:

    Awesome swag!

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