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F3AR family photos

So F.E.A.R. 3 arrived today. Good job I wasn’t reviewing it for anyone because it came out last Friday. Oh dear. This either means it’s an utter melon or the postman needs a smack. I’m hoping it’s the latter because … Continue reading

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Luscious Xbox 360 pimp

Today I came home to find a note kindly left behind by a delivery man. It said that a package which couldn’t fit through my letter box had been left with my next door neighbour. I knocked on next door … Continue reading

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Sepiroth and Cloud have a domestic

It’s work work work and more work today. I’m having to play some obscure Japanese games for review, so there’s no time for a lengthy post. Instead, I thought I’d leave you with this cool video to watch.

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Grind or pay!

I’m currently playing Army Of Darkness HD on the iPad. It’s a tower-defence game and it’s not very good, but I have to admire its optimism.

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PVZ takes over my life – yet again!!

Well here’s a surprise; turns out the best gaming news of the week of E3 wasn’t even at E3!

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Ubisoft’s Mr Caffeine is an inspiring fellow

I wasn’t at the Ubisoft press briefing this year. Instead I was having high tea at the JW Marriott and writing up my preview of the MS press briefing between sips of coffee. Yeah! I had coffee at high tea! … Continue reading

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L.A. Noire Swag

The greatest thing about getting home from E3 is the fact you can fall asleep without worrying about a deadline for the first time in about five days. The second greatest thing is that there may be Shiny Stuff waiting … Continue reading

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