How Portal 2 can kill off friendships

Portal 2

Big hugz: Let's keep it friendly in the co-op, people!

So I’m off for a bit now – work work work, you see – so I thought I’d leave a little tip before I left: don’t be a pratt to your friends. Specifically, don’t be a pratt when a nice bloke (like me) has invited you to play Portal 2’s fantastic co-op with them. There are ample opportunities to do so, but try to resist them.

The lovely people over at IGN have compiled this helpful video detailing the sort of behaviour to avoid if you start to lean towards pratt-itude, Seriously, don’t do it. It’s only funny once, and people who know you IRL won’t like it. People who only know you by your Gamertag may actually start issuing death-threats.

On the evidence presented here, Portal 2 can cause more damage to friendships than Monopoly. Who knew?

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