My Bloody Valentine Card

Valentine's Day

The traditional Valentine's Day card comes with hearts on it. That's why it's for wimps!

It was Valentine’s Day yesterday. If you’re attached, then depending on who you are it was either a wonderful time to be alive or a day in which card and flower shops have an excuse to plunder your bank account.

For the rest of us who are single or who don’t buy into the idea that nothing says “I love you” like giving our loved one a gift-wrapped box of toffees on the same day Al Capone gunned down his competition in 1929 in Chicago, Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a downer. After all, everyone else is getting loot and feeling loved, so why not us? So kudos to the PR people handling the new Mortal Kombat game who yesterday sent me this in the post!

My Bloody Valentine Card

Scorpion and Sub Zero: The love that dare not speak its name

Now that’s what I call a frikkin’ Valentine’s Day Card! A find card! A manly card! A card oozing testosterone and blood and guts and violence!

My Bloody Valentine Card

The blood spatterings of love and affection

Awww! How lovely. I’m sure Al Capone would approve…

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