Shiny stuff: Kirby!

Bag with Kirby Shiny Stuff inside

A tasteful white carrier bag filled with Shiny Stuff for me!

Hooray! Shiny Stuff! My first Shiny Stuff of 2011 has arrived, ending the dry spell GameWaste has experienced since late last year.

A quick peak over the lip of the bag reveals… what exactly?

The contents of the Kirby bag of swag

Now, let's see what we have here...

Okay, well, the bag clearly has an inhabitant, but what else does it have besides?

A sewing kit. That's correct.

Needle, thread and a couple of zips to sew onto... something

Okay, so that’s all the darning equipment I could ever need in my life right now. And a couple of zips to sew onto my trousers if I feel they need a little more Day-Glo colour to  them. What else do we have…

Gift-wrapped Kirby game

Awww, a gift-wrapped game

Who needs a white plastic box when you have a fabric wrapping with the press release for the game scrawled on it? I love the silk ribbons, though. Someone tied them in little bows. Someone out there clearly cares…

Behold! The game of Kirby!

Behold! The game of Kirby!

It’s almost a shame to unwrap it, but all the same, I have a game to review. Hurrah. And now for the best part of the package…


Admit it. You wants one.

Now that’s what I call good Shiny Stuff. This little fella is destined for the mantlepiece. Pride of place an’ that. And could there be a more adorable piece of Shiny Stuff to start off this year’s collection of swag? No! No there could not!


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7 Responses to Shiny stuff: Kirby!

  1. I’m so jealous it hurts!

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  3. Chris says:

    I echo the sentiments of Lauren’s response. You spawny git.

  4. witenoyze says:

    His widdle face! His widdle shoes! You wants him!

  5. Jen says:

    What those two said! Lovely 😀

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