Working Day: Hack Filth


All hacks in need of good copy have a vast and infinite net available

Ever wanted to be a video games journalist but don’t know how do go about it? No contact book? No experience? Lack of original ideas or a comprehension of the industry as a whole? Well, don’t let that stop you. Just follow this handy guide and you’ll be well on your way in no time…

Step 1: Pick out a game you probably have no intention of playing, and even if you did, you’d have no intention of writing up an original review. For the purposes of this review, let’s say you picked up a copy of Test Drive: Unlimited 2.

Step 2: Trawl the web for a review of the same game you’re pretending to review. Somewhere reputable, which publishes the work of decent writers. High caliber writers. You know, the sort of writers you’d like to be numbered amongst if you could bothered to write your own copy. Which you can’t.

Step 3: Copy and paste said review by said writer into a word document.

Step 4: Highlight the odd word and hit ‘shift F7’. This will bring up the thesaurus which you can use to disguise the fact that you’re ripping off someone else’s copy.

Step 5: Publish the slightly tweaked article on your publication’s website.

Congratulations! You are now a video games reviewer! Sit back and watch the plaudits and cash roll in! Oh, and pray that no one ever finds you out for the hack filth you really are.

In other, completely unrelated news, has this interesting article about two Test Drive Unlimited 2 reviews.

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