Working Day: Deathsmiles? Ooooh-la-la!

The ladies from Deathsmiles

The Deathsmiles ladies look good enough to eat, don't you agree? You do? Pervert!

Well 2011 has started on an interesting note. My first review code of the year has arrived and before it did it made me feel intrigued. Then dirty. Then downright pervy. Then I became intrigued again.

Here’s the skinny. There I was, busy deciding how in the hell I’m going to balance the time needed to play both the PS3 version of Mass Effect and DC Universe Online. The first deserves a look-in just because it’s the first time the Sony faithful are able to play arguably the best game of last year. The latter is a must because the erstwhile Tom Hoggins has created a hero in DCUO, and this means I must – must – create a villain to thwart him at every turn. (I’ll probably make a dark, horrible version of Mario just to wind him up). However, both games require more commitment than I’m prepared to put in after just two days back at work. No, to get back into the swing of things, I need something short, sharp and instantly gratifying.

It’s almost as though someone out there is reading my mind, because no sooner had I come to this conclusion, one of the best PR reps currently working in the gaming industry slung me a copy of a game called Deathsmiles. Just to clarify, the PR rep in question always comes at me out of left field. It was he who introduced me to Suda 51, punted me Ivy The Kiwi and made sure that Deadly Premonition found its way into my place of work where the colleague Hoggins siezed upon it like a starving gannet. So colour me intrigued.

I hadn’t heard of Deathsmiles, and so I decided to look up its Wikipedia entry. Here’s the Boxart I found.

The ladies from Deathsmiles

The ladies from Deathsmiles look very cosy together, don't they? They do? You PERVERT!

Er. Ahem.  Colour me dirty.

So upon looking at the boxart my mind fills up with several ideas. All of which would get me into trouble, so I doused them with water.  These ideas are replaced with questions such as, what sort of game is Deathsmiles and – more importantly – will myother half mock me incessantly for playing it, even though it’s (cough) my job to do so. Turns out I needn’t have worried. Apparently Deathsmiles is a side-scrolling shooter that looks and plays like this:

Well, it was obvious from the box-art, clearly! And no, that’s not some fan playing their horrible music over the top of Deathsmiles – the game actually sounds like that! Colour me intrigued. Again.

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