And another thing: Back from holiday

The sun the sand and the end of the year

I had this sort of thing last week. Now I'm back in London and it's raining. Joy.

So I’ve been quiet lately. Sue me. December was one best-of list after another and then in January I left the country. Ha!

I went to South Africa for a couple of weeks – the first holiday I’ve had in nearly two years – to check in on some family and friends and get totally burned by the sun. Oh, and to eat and drink my way through the country’s beef and wine content. I was successful on all counts.

The other thing I went over there to do was NOT to write this blog. That too was successful – although, I can’t take all the credit for that as my folks think that computers are the works of the devil, so I had no access to any wi-fi for most of the time I was there.

Now I’m back in London. The fun’s over. The decent weather is where I left it in SA. All I have to show for my holiday is a slightly expanded waistline and a slightly browner tint to my normally pale skin.

Off to gym then to do something about the former now – you need to be fighting fit to be in gaming. Take a tip from El Presador – the bloke who provided the insanely brilliant commentary for Randy Savage’s biblical piece of work. Seems El Presador has a problem with people camping in the COD multiplayer. A big problem. So big a problem in fact that he’s posted the video below in which he’s threatening to KNOCK DOWN A TREE EVERY DAY unless Treyarch patches the game to prevent players from camping.

I don’t really know what to do with that. But I do know I need to hit the gym. Until later this week, people…

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