And another thing: You are about to witness a Biblical piece of work

Sandy Ravage On COD

Boom! Headshot! You can't contain him! Wave the white flag, son! (etc, etc.)

Oh. My. God. (Part 2)

Quick one before the weekend – this a video of a Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 player called Sandy Ravage playing through a Team Deathmatch in the multiplayer. Pray to God you never run into this guy. As the commentary on this clip points out, the man is a straight-up beast. (And he’s probably 12-years-old into the bargain). He has mad skills.

But that’s not the reason to watch this.

The reason to watch this is the commentary provided by the beast known as El Presador. It’s one of the most pant-wettingly funny things you’ll hear all day. I honestly haven’t seen a a piece of footage with more cracking lines in every frame than the last time I sat down and watched RoboCop. Someone get this man his own show. Now!

By the way, this clip is not safe for work and I take no responsibility if you get canned when your boss hears the expletive ridden smack-talk that will usher forth from your PC’s speakers around ten seconds after you hit play.


Thanks to Lauren Wainwright over at Daily Girl Attack Panic Super HD Remix for this glorious find. Now go read her site. Go! Shoo!

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