And another thing: Deadly Premonition is allegedly awesome

Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition: Game Of The Year and a pile of ripe fertiliser, depending on who you talk to

Deadly Premonition. It’s the game that split reviewers down the middle. By all accounts it’s a capital W weird mash-up, incorporating clunky gameplay, horrible visuals, hilarious dialogue and the strangest story this side of David Lynch. Destructoid gave it a 10/10. IGN tore it a new one. So what does it really hold in store for anyone who can actually track down a copy?

Luckily I don’t need to track down a copy, as I have have been sent one. Good thing too. From the wails of dismay I’m hearing online, Deadly Premonition is starting to sound like the abominable snowman. Some have seen it and they think it’s amazing. Some have seen it and have recoiled in fear and loathing. And everyone else has been told by a disinterested shop assistant that it doesn’t exist and would they like a copy of Wii Party instead.

I am intrigued. And irked. And intrigued again. In the double back-flip “it’s-so-crap-it’s-brilliant-or-is-it?” world we sometimes inhabit, a game like Deadly Premonition could be the skull-thrusting secret success that deserves recognition or it could just be a lot of hooey depending on its eccentricities as a reason to play it. I’m divided on it. Just because something is a unique experience doesn’t necessarily make a great experience. Ever been pounded with a wiffle bat in a submerged bus by an orangutan? No? A unique experience sure, but it doesn’t sound like very much fun.

However, the plaudits that have been lavished on this game have piqued my curiosity. Reviewers I know and trust implicitly – at least as far as their aesthetic judgement is concerned – have guardedly praised Deadly Premonition giving it the (you should try it but you still might not like it) score of 7, while screaming from the rooftops of Twitter that I MUST. PLAY. THIS GAME!

What’s a boy to do? Well, in the coming weeks I’m going to play the copy I was fortunate enough to be sent and report on here as to what I think. If this game is as much of a head-job as everyone says it is, it should make for interesting reading. It could also be thunderingly dull if the game doesn’t match the hype. In the meantime I have some free pickles which came with the game to chow down on and then it’s off to the console’s loony-bin on Wednesday. What Japes!

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3 Responses to And another thing: Deadly Premonition is allegedly awesome

  1. Ashton Raze says:

    I like how you’ve tagged this with David Lynch. 😉

    My take: It’s not awesome in that it’s a ‘unique experience’, it’s awesome in that the combat/horror aspect is largely ‘good’, the exploration/sandbox element is genuinely fantastic gameplay, and the plot/writing/voice acting is superb. It’s visually awful, the driving is awful (yet still fun, and works), but I personally don’t see it as the kind of game that’s ‘so bad it’s good’ or ‘so weird it’s worth playing’, it’s genuinely great fun. But I’m not that far.

  2. witenoyze says:

    Well, I better be massively blown away by this game, Raze. You hear me? Blown away, damn you!

  3. Jen says:

    I’m also blaming Raze if I don’t like it :p

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