Shiny Stuff: Vanquish figurine

Vanquish Figurine

The hottest part of the sun is right here, baby. Hotter than molten steel

This arrived in the post today and all I can say is Holy Cow! The postman’s fingers must’ve disintegrated as he handed it over. This is ten pounds worth of awesome in a two pound box. 

First, let us use the ever-reliable paperback to thingy ratio!

Vanquish Figurine

The Vanquish Box Art is better than your box art

Fairly decent in size, and get a load of that box art. I’m primed for this figurine to come bursting out of its box in a hail of bullets! Now, let’s have a look at the contents, shall we?

Vanquish Figurine

Like Han Solo. Frozen in time. This cannot stand

Ok, maybe not. Still a pretty sweet looking statue, though. However, the arrival of this piece of shiny stuff has raised important questions. Should I open the box, thus releasing its awesomeness on my house and lowering it’s re-sale value? Or should I lay it to one side and eBay it later? If it’s untouched and unsullied I could make a small fortune. Probably the price of a small car…

NO! The box cannot contain this incredible figure!

Vanquish Figurine

Behold Sam, the hero of Vanquish. With his own stand and everything

Man, that looks cool! Sam comes with his own stand and his own gun – although it doesn’t happen to perform in the same Swiss Army fashion as in the game. Still looks excellent, though. This bad boy is destined for the sideboard – and honour I recently granted to the framed picture of PopCap’s John Vechey. And that’s saying something.

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2 Responses to Shiny Stuff: Vanquish figurine

  1. Jen says:

    That /is/ rather awesome.

  2. witenoyze says:

    It really /is/ isn’t it!

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