Working Day: Post GMA Award


Ashton's Hat

Smile by Thongings. Headwear by the House of Ashton Raze


Yes, the awards are over, but I realised I forgot to report on the most prestigious award of the night: Best Hat.

As you will know if you read my exhaustive round up of the evening, Ashton Raze was up for this gong at the GMAs, and he won it in a walk – staring down stiff competition from Al Bickham, who won best “standing-around-outside-next-to-a-car” award.


Hack Mate and Car

"I drove here in this." "Oh no you didn't!" "Oh yes I did!" "Oh no you etc."


He does it so well, after all.

Raze was there on the night to collect his award. He began by asking “Wait, wait, wait, excuse me. ‘Nominee’ for best hat of the night?” and then to ensure all knew his fedora was incredible, he let Thongings parade about it in it for a bit to prove it would look great on anyone. Faced with such irrefutable evidence, the judges had no alternative but to hand over the award.

This genuinely happened because this post is in no way proof of the fact that I couldn’t think of something to write about today. It’s also in no way indicative that Ashton, Thongings and I are bitter that we didn’t get a block of perspex with our publication’s name on it, and so made up this award to make ourselves feel better.

Congratulations, Ashton Raze!

PS – I wish to apologise to the people at our table on Thursday. They weren’t from OXM as I originally stated. They were from X360, which is completely different. Apologies once again!

Now, off to write a bajillion words about lovely games. Until tomorrow…

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