Working day: GMA’s tonight, me lovelies


Tonight writers will walk away with shiny perspex blocks with this logo on them. Other writers will go home crying

The Games Media Awards are tonight and, as I am not allowed to indulge in the free booze on offer, I will also be taking note of winners and hopefully posting up something tomorrow.

The GMAs are a big deal after all. Big enough to have moved from the urine-soaked indie-kid version of Bazra that is Camden Town to the swanky McSwank West End place of hallowed learning that is Holborn. Tonight, several writers will take home shiny blocks of perspex with the GMA logo on them. Several other writers will go home crying. The rest will probably get absolutely hammered on the free booze which will be available and plentiful.

Not me, though. I’m on a strict diet of no-fun thanks to my personal trainer brother who has decreed that I am not allowed anything nice to eat or drink until the end of November. Getting drunk tonight is not an option, so I will have to amuse myself in other ways. To that end, I am taking a camera to document a night of drunken revelry and posting up pictures. Ha ha ha! (Yes, it’s pathetic, but so thinking of lime and soda as a treat and I’m doing that right now).

Oh, and I am seriously revvvvvvvvvvvvved up for the Driverrrrrrrr San Francisco thingy tonight. I wonder if they’re offering driving lessons as the prize.

Tomorrow, people!

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