Shiny stuff: Driver card for… your guess is as good as mine


Driver Card

A card for Driver San Francisco. What could it all mean?


So this arrived today. Good job too. Apparently it’s for something to do with the GMA’s in Holborn tomorrow, so I’d have been put out if it’d arrived late.

I have no idea what it’s for. On the back there’s a clue and instructions.


Driver Card

Ooooooh, am I entered in some raffle?


If you can’t read that blurred writing, these are instructions telling me to seek out a some ‘Driver Babes’ at the GMA’s tomorrow to see if I’ve won a prize. Oh, and I’m to be revvvvvvvvved up when I do.

Right. Eighty cans of Red Bull before the GMA’s tomorrow. Shouldn’t be too hard. Right.

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6 Responses to Shiny stuff: Driver card for… your guess is as good as mine

  1. Lauren says:

    Haha. I can only imagine what the driver girls will be wearing…


  2. witenoyze says:

    I wonder if they know they’re being referred to as ‘Driver Babes’?
    I tell you what would be useful for me to win – driving lessons!

  3. Ashton Raze says:

    None of our cards won. How rubbish.

  4. witenoyze says:

    Hey at least we weren’t as bad off as the guys in the queue behind me when I came in.

    PR lady: Hi did you bring your card for the raffle?
    Gaming Journo: No, I where do I get one?
    PRL: You should’ve been sent one in the post.
    GJ: Ah, well I wasn’t.
    PRL: Nevermind, we can give you a card now.
    GJ: Oh goodie!
    PRL: Here you are (hands him card).
    GJ: Thanks!
    PRL: What’s the number on it?
    GJ: 1089?
    PRL: Sorry, you haven’t won anything.
    GJ: ….

    • Ashton Raze says:

      Heh, that’s exactly how my experience went. I didn’t get sent a card, she handed me one then immediately told me I hadn’t won. 😦

      Tom, for some reason, had multiple cards. Given that he was the one who received my invite too, I suspect he had my card. Which means that, despite the fact none of them won, we kind of cheated the system a bit by having three. Which I guess makes us winners in some sense.

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