Working Day: Get off yo’ ass and Just Dance 2


Just Dance 2

Shake yo' thang to Just Dance 2


Last night was a momentus occasion. It was the launch of Just Dance 2. Stop laughing. Just Dance 2 rules. Even Dizzee Rascal thinks so.

Yes, that Dizzee Rascal. He was there. So he must love that game. Simple as. He’ll probably buy a copy when it goes on sale. Or maybe he’ll receive a free copy from Ubisoft. I’m not certain how he will get a copy. But I am certain he will be up and dancing in front of it in no time. He must be a fan. His music isn’t even on it.

And why wouldn’t he be a fan? Why wouldn’t you be? Why wouldn’t anyone be? To dance is to be free. And there’s no better place to be free than in front of the Nintendo Wii. If you’re a fan of being free in front of the Wii, you’ll be a fan too.

I’m sure all of the people at the launch last night were fans. All of them. A cynic might say that they were there for the free drinks. I would retort: “What? All four of them?” A curmudgeon might muse that they were there to dance to DJ Yoda. I would reply that DJ Yoda won’t follow them home, zip inside their Wii and keep them dancing all night. A complete and utter meanie would point to the fact this game is a sequel to Just Dance, which had flaky controls, less than sterling visuals, no online multiplayer and no way to download new music to dance to. To which the only response is this:

“Nyah nyah nyah! Just Dance 2 is out! You’re just jealous because the first one did so well, and now the new one is going to flatten your precious Halo and Fifa 11 in the top ten video game sales charts.”

Because make no mistake, this title is going to be huge. Huge like King Kong. Huge like a dancing King Kong waving his giant-sized Wii Mote around while bopping to the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” in front of a giant-sized Wii. With his feet going “THOOM! THOOM! THOOM! THOOM!” every time they land and causing tidal waves to rise up and wash away the Master Chiefs and Wayne Rooneys of this world. That’s why the haterz hate it. And that’s why I’m certain Dizzee Rascal loves it.

And that’s why you will too. I know I do. I plan to be bopping non-stop to this bad boy just as soon as I finish Fallout New Vegas. Oh, and Medal Of Honor. And Vanquish. Which by the way is awesome. So awesome that it can melt your face off. Which you’d think would make playing it problematic. But amazingly enough it doesn’t. You can play Vanquish without a face. That’s how awesome it is.

Yes, just as soon as I have completed about 10,000 hours worth of gaming, I will be dancing to Just Dance 2. With my other half and my friends. But not with Dizzee Rascal. Whom I’m certain is a fan.

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