Working day: Halo drops from the heavens

Halo Reach

Get yer guns out: Bungie says goodbye to the Halo franchise

Unless you live in an isolation ward, you’ll know that today is the day Halo Reach arrives in retail outlets the world over. Reviews over on Metacritic have been glowing to say the least and sales of the game are expected to top 3 million on the first day. Reach is Bungie’s last stab with the shooter franchise and it looks like the developer’s going out with a bang (Yeah, yeah, everyone else has said so, so why shouldn’t I?)

Leaving aside the sales expectations and reviews praising the game from heavens – and here’s another one from Tom Hoggins at the Telegraph – Halo Reach is one of those rare video games which has the power to shoulder its way into mainstream news feeds. This is a brand that habitually causes massive queues outside retailers, cash registers to ring loudly across the globe and sales records to fall like digested berries from a budgie’s backside.

What this means for me is lots of Halo Reach churn. Stories on queues. Stories on sales. Stories on MS sitting there rifling through all their money. And hopefully no stories about high-profile boobs claiming that Halo Reach is about to transform the youth of today into the Children Of The Corn. To every Halo game, Churn, Churn, Churn.

That aside, I am looking forward to this one. Halo is among the best shooter franchises ever created and by all accounts Bungie have made every effort to ensure Reach lives up to the high standards expected by their fans. This is a wise move because Halo fans are among some of the most passionate gamers out there. So passionate in fact, they seem willing to stage entire real-life battles in abandoned building sites using state of the art military equipment to demonstrate their love for this game.

Now, that’s dedication!

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